Little Stories to Cherish

Snehal & Ajit

There is always a time when you meet someone special in your life, I guess it has happened to all of us but slowly with time it fades away , it may not be the same for everyone but the reason why I am writing this is because I want you to keep fighting for that one person whom you feel in love for the very first time, think about the times you admire her beautiful eyes cause she meant something to you , I am not a philosopher or a writer but this is something deep from my heart to everyone who has fallen in love or is in this beautiful phase of life. Nurture these moments of life with your loved ones, enjoy the little things which made you crazy for that person make her or him believe that you still care about them the same way when you meet for the very first time.

We started off early morning with this rad location close to Supa, it has beautiful dunes and lovely grass after the rains the sun rise was just magical creating a nice radiance everywhere.

P.S Dont forget to play the track while you are viewing the images , thanks for taking out time to read this.