Little Stories to Cherish

Nikita and Roshan

Sula Wine Yard, Nashik

Nikita and Roshan met each other though a common friend during their college time , slowly things started growing between these two and one thing led to another, like every love story there is a bit of drama in every one, Roshan belonging from a 'Punjabi' family and Nikita grew up to be a 'Marwadi' which are two poles apart but in the modern Indian society we all seek for one thing and that is true love which is very hard to find, one fine day Roshan was called at Nikita fathers office for a conversation cum Interview session, which went well and same thing happened with Nikita, they both were sceptical about how their parents would meet and go forward with it so they made sure every time their parents meet they have to be around, everything went well and these two were bonded together for life on 29th Jan 2017.