Little Stories to Cherish

To love immensely

What is the most precious thing to you ? 

Think about it, there would be million things that comes in your mind but there are few things that cannot be compared, for Tejas that precious thing is Nidhi, when he told me that this was arranged I couldn't believe him, right when you tell your self you know everything about weddings you don't. Tejas told me his entire story of how they met and fell in love which was so beautiful and for some reason I felt connected to him , our mind often have these preconceived emotions about thing so did I and a lesson learned that don't judge a book by its cover there is a lot more to it, when I met them for the first time I wanted to make sure they are up for everything but boy I tell you these guys are made of pure and pure energy I had to literally run around behind them. I asked Tejas how can you love someone whom you have never met ? He said I am not a specialist in love but 'you know the feeling is right' you know you can spend the rest of your life with that person.

Nidhi & Tejas 

Goa, India


Akhil & Disha Udaipur Diaries

The most ecstatic couple I met Akhil and Disha, the story starts like this Akhil called me up one day and asked how will be Udaipur as a pre-wedding destination and It didn't even take me a minute to say "YES" I said thats the place where we have to go. Reaching the gorgeous city of lakes was yet another beautiful experience, We starting early morning with these love birds from city palace which is one of the prime attractions of Udaipur owned by Maharaja Arvind Singh, What a magnificent beauty, they say you have to see it to believe it, by noon we finished our first session and we were off to lunch, our driver Ramesh took us to an authentic Rajasthani Resturant where we tried the staple food of Rajasthan 'Dal baati' and it was something that I couldn't forget, the waiter poured the 'ghee' with his heart out, I guess I never had so much ghee at once in my entire life. Well that says If you come to Rajasthan and you don't eat 'ghee' you haven't had anything. Towards the end of the day we finished our session at the beautiful scenic sunset of Monsoon palace. It was indeed a wonderful wonderful experience with these two.

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